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Welcome to Rhodar Software Systems

Rhodar Software Systems is a small software company, operating to the world from the lovely area of the Philippines, called Tagaytay.

Were we live is quiet and has amazing views of the Taal Volcano which is only a few minutes away, we are in a tourist location where thousands of holiday seekers visit all the year round and is truly breath taking to look at.  We work as home based providing services world wide to our customers.

 Nick Yates, CEO

I have been a software developer since the 1980’s, my programming spanned over many platforms and many areas from commercial to gaming formats.   I started to design websites professionally from 2001 as I have a keen eye for presentation and in the following years I started designing web pages for many companies and private institutions.  I had many companies over the decades, however I decided to start a new one once I moved to the Philippines when I got married.

And as my wife is the best chapter of my life well a new chapter is to name my company after my wife as they are both the best life changes I ever made for my self.

 Life changes, better future positivefuture

 Lets show what we do

Batangas, July ‘19

A weekend in Pico De Loro, Batangas

In 2017, I got married to a Filipino girl who is my support and strength.  I decided in 2018 after a quick return to UK to then return to live in the Philippines because I wanted to be close to my wife and it also now seems a lot harder for my wife to settle down in the UK due to the way that the home office is processing visas and visa terms are so ridiculous compared to living outside Europe, so I decided after a lot of thought to stay here in Asia and we just can visit UK occasionally as it seems that here in Asia it seems a lot more lay back and that there is not as much negativity compared to UK laws.

About Rhodar About Me A few photos Were we live

Tagaytay, Mar’17

Literally 15 minutes away from our house is the Taal Volcano and many restaurants and hotels. See more

Feb, 2019

Photo taken in Manila next to Mall Of Asia.

See more

What we do

We develop applications that work with micro controllers

Book a repair

Booking a repair:-

This service is only offered to customers in Tagaytay, Cavite and requires the customer bring the computer to the office.

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