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Low cost effective devices for any type of task

Have you ever heard of Arduino or single chip micro controllers or computing?

If not well your in for a shock for a long time now this type of industry has been growing by the day with developers and tech enthusiasts getting to grips with the applications for this type of hardware.  The principle with this type of technology is that it can be used in any way or form and the costings can be kept low to not hurt the bottom line, a typical device like an UNO could control a security door and the costings for this could be a fraction of what you would pay retail.  Below are a few photos of examples of what you can do with this type of technology, they are grabbed off Google images but give you a good idea of the way you can use them.

Enter the code!

The Arduino could be used to do many security or automated tasks they could be used to log events, keep track of doors and entry code to doors even monitor temperatures and detect movement. The fact is that this low cost device has only the limits of the imagination.  

Fingerprint Scanning


Security the cheap way.

Biometric devices

Anything else

Arduino - Project

Nano - Insect repellent project works!

You can now have your own biometrics integrated into your products so facial recognition, finger print scanning can be used for security, logging and so much more and with other forms of AI using Micro controllers is a low cost and effective way to fund your projects, this is also useful for hobbyists - example my mother in law and family sometimes forget to bring the door keys, a finger print ID would be helpful them gain easy access back in to the house, this could also contain a keycode pad too for second level option.  

The Arduino is used in many industries now and is a low cost and low power device which can handle almost any task you require people are using these as:-

Webcam and Smart Security Cameras

Car Alarms & GPS Tracking

Mobile Phones & GSM devices

House Alarms & Security

Arduino & single chip computing Key and Code Biometrics Limitless

Arduino - Project

UNO - Temperature scanner

Arduino - Project

UNO - Temperature scanner  V1

Arduino - Project

UNO - Temperature scanner V2

Arduino - Project


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