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Please note some languages maybe slightly incorrect or the formatting of text maybe lightly incorrect.  This is a error with Google not us.

We do more than just design websites we actually develop applications for many platforms including hardware which is NON-commercial such as onsite prototypes.

This makes us a little different from your average tech company.

We develop applications for single chip computers and micro controllers.

Arduino - UNO, Nano, Mega..

Built on a learning tool the PI has many applications it can be assigned, we can use it for many jobs to make life easier.

Raspberry PI

We also develop applications for many industries and in many platform IDE, SDK and even Cloud based systems.

Commercial and Private

We develop a large array of website types and on many platforms so there is no limit to our abilities.

Websites of all types

We design

All types of websites

For Mobile devices and Desktop


Development Platforms
Arduino Raspberry PI Programming WEBDESIGN
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