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Please note some languages maybe slightly incorrect or the formatting of text maybe lightly incorrect.  This is a error with Google not us.

Projects written and compiled on 8,16, 32 and 64 bit systems

As a developer on many platforms not just PC, my programming language skills lead even to the older technology as far back as CP/M which makes me a rare person to find, my programming skills span over 3-4 decades of computing from the Z80 to the processors we have today.  My programming skills cover many programming languages on many platforms too, text and Graphics based environments. Below is a small list of platforms and experiences I have collected since 1984.  

LED/LCD Editor

Create graphics quickly

Programming private and commercial use


Music database


BARCODE Generator

Noteplus Demo

A new generation editor

Screen Sleeper

Easy way to place your screen to sleep.

Developments in CMDs

Back to Black and White C:>

Dos or Disk Operating System (Command Line/CMD/CLI) what ever you want to call it, its actually the base level access to the system, all that powerful screen based menu systems or graphics user interfaces are well and good but its controlled by all sorts of applications running in the back ground which one could contain a virus! With a command line its simple portal to accessing what you need without navigating through menus ect.. A shortcut command I would say interface.

A lot of DOS style (TEXT) begins on ALL OS .. OSX, LINUX and even Windows does start with a command line driven interface however with OSX & Windows its hidden so that you just see the OS Logo.. But Linux still shows text when you start the OS, another simple interface what uses DOS based screen (or NON GRAPHICS) is the BIO’s program that allows your computer to connect all the devices and test them before you actually start using Windows or DOS or even LINUX.. When you turn on the computer you may receive text saying press F12/DEL/F2/F10 to go to BIOS depending on the bios and computer vendor your using this will bring you into the systems configuration interface, there is a basic one and now we do have a UEFI which is an advanced interface some are graphic based but the principle is the same its direct access to changing options inside your computer, tweaking or over clocking but this is all done within the BIOS.

DOS Days

We develop software all sorts including firmware, bios and applications with text based environments.

Going back to 8 bit days

NOT-Windows !!

CP/M & 8 BIT

It all did not just start with Windows or a graphical user interface, it all started with a keyboard and me sat on a chair for hours learning to code, the programming area starts in the mid 1980’s for me, I was known back then like a lot of others as a bedroom coder, young teenagers who were getting into computers and how to develop code.  The computer industry for me only really started when I was introduced to my first computer the Einstein which is pictured above. The software industry was building by the day, people & businesses wanted to use tools to make life easier so back then it was also a learning curve and a skill I also collected writing programs for these companies way before Windows, Linux or OSX ever came to exist.   Some of the biggest names in the industry all started in either a bedroom, a garage  (apple) or a bed sit (Microsoft), most of the big multibillion corporations began this way and used similar technology that I would write code for, however my big break was when I got my first PC and I would write applications for a Indian Food Company, Textile Printers and even a Doctors surgery where I wrote a data base for them, but all this helped be build my skills and experience to develop truly powerful application without the use of a GUI interface back then … Now obviously everything is a mouse click away but the principle is still the same, even the coding to some extend is the same .. Someone has to write it all in to a computer, test it and produce a working version. Even to this day there is a market for reviving old hardware and the market is very big, companies look at the bottom line hobby seekers will pay top dollar as its there own private wants and needs..

We can also develop code for Z80, 6502, 68000 and other generations of old tech.   

We also convert and know about retro hardware, we can develop code and have knowledge of retro tech

Development of applications within Windows and Custom interfaces

As we are also a software house we can also develop more than just websites we can also develop control interfaces, custom screens with menus and many more that can be connected to touch screen, kiosks and even bank taller systems where security is involved

We could develop screens for many areas and software tools

These can all be controlled by a network grid wireless or wired..

Languages we use

C#, C++


Internet based ASP, HTML

Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and so on

We are hoping what ever the customer needs we can offer that service for them.

Programming visually

Coding got a bit more graphical


Screen Capture

Capture screen

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