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Low power Single chip computers

Websites & Intranet

The PI is a powerful and versatile device to use when it comes to low costing servers and Internet devices.  The PI can be used as a hardware based firewall, webcam server, website hosting device to name only a few of its capabilities.  We can set them up to do all types of functions, it could also be setup to operate as a Intranet server is with internal networking for business services such as call centres and dealing with customers the features and ideas are totally endless for this type of device too.

Any OS any platform

Wire it up!

PI Server

Limitless Applications

PI as a Micro Controller

The Raspberry PI has the potential to be that computer in every home, its low power and low cost capabilities with the ability to run Linux or Windows on a single chip computer makes it a good alternative to the desktop or even laptop computers.  Also for kids it plays a version of Mine  Craft pretty well as well. (And its FREE)

The PI is also a Micro Controller and many hobbyists and companies are using the PI to do many projects - in fact Drones and robots usually will have a PI at the heart of the system and even custom 3D printers are made from the PI along side the Arduino, so possibilities are completely endless..

Raspberry PI Applications Setting up using a PI Limitless! PI Controller

Click on the image diagram for a closer look at the products available

The thumbnail shows models currently on the market, as of 2019..

So what is a Raspberry PI?

Well its not a sweet piece of pastry! Its actually a single chip computer that supports many features such as Video, Audio and much more all on a small compact device which also performs as a micro controller too, in fact you could call it a super advanced Arduino.  The PI contains a LAN connector and multiple USBs some of the later versions like the PI 3 contains BlueTooth and Wifi chips too.  The selling point to this technology is the price and low power as its such a friendly piece of consumer hardware, even schools and colleges are buying these to teach students how to understand electronics and also learn how to program with object linked code.

The PI also has a large collection of files in the libraries for customizations, some use the PI as a movie server which is similar to PLEX handling files for caching or as a player like Kodi/XMBC, other use the PI as a Arcade Gaming Machine for Retro games .. Play all your old classic games on the emulator and finally operating systems such as Linux, Windows 10 and Risc OS have been ported to the PI for users and the development teams to enhance in fact the features of this device makes it an amazing product to use and as the newer versions of the PI comes out there getting more advanced.

I would not say they will replace desk and laptop computers but they certainly a way forward when it comes to Internet based systems or customisable options.

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