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Please note some languages maybe slightly incorrect or the formatting of text maybe lightly incorrect.  This is a error with Google not us.

We accept donations - occasionally

Sometimes we accept donations from companies which have old tech.. Only reason we occasionally accept is we are in a small property and not a building so we can accept maybe 3-8 PCs or maybe a few laptops , what we tend to do with this is fix the hardware up, re-install windows and donate to schools or homes who are less fortunate.   Especially in the Philippines as the schools have limited means to afford this type of technology.

So what we do is

What we then do is

Offered as Support & bundle includes

If you received donated tech from us, we offer a repair service and maintenance service FREE for a year.

Rhodar Software Systems PH


Acacia Street, Greenville

Kaybagal North

Tagaytay City, Cavite



Donations Address

Where we are.

Smart/Viber +63 0929 412 0598 Enquires.rhodarsoftware


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